From the recording Injection of the Blues


Sittin on the banks
Staring into the wind
At twenty two I'm thinkin bout
A love that could have been
It creeps into my brain and drowns my dreams, but until then
I'm a drinking your down

Feelin' like I'm old
Thinkin' like I'm young
I would call you baby
But the cat has got my tongue
But all I've got to do is live this life 'til I'm done
Drinking your down

Oh that feeling's got its own mind
Stick around in my heart
But it's my mistake
I'm here much too late
Ah love is but a state

Memories that I've sorted
Some I can't forget
This train of time rolls on and on
But the porter's deep in debt
The world is all ones and O's but my love is on cassette
I'm drinking you down
Drinking you down