Beechmont Stories by Brian Vuyancih (Photo by Brian Vuyancih) (click on photo to read the article)

“There are those who believe that - in a special place and at a special time - you can hear ghosts. Some also believe that these ghosts, under the right circumstances, can be recorded or even filmed. On October 25th, 2012, local blues singer/songwriter John Ford checked into The Gunter Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. Ford specifically requested Room 414 and, in that room, he set up a simple 1958 mono "Voice of Music" reel-to-reel tape recorder and proceeded to lay down 5 tracks in the hope of catching a ghost. Room 414 of The Gunter Hotel is precisely where, in November of 1936, blues legend Robert Johnson recorded 16 songs, destined to become the music of legend. Ford is a veteran of the Cincinnati music scene and has played a variety of music and has been writing songs since his early teens. John explains, "Whether it be songs I’ve written or an old song from the 1930’s, I play what I fall in love with." (click on link below to access the complete article and hear the audio)” - Jim Nolan, Local Exposure / WVXU Public Radio (Jan 28, 2014)
“Ford describes his music as acoustic American roots and said the blues, gospel and country heavily influence him. “I write with those styles in mind and try to come up with a theme,” he said. “I like to pick something I’ve found a renewed interest in.” While he’ll occasionally perform a cover song, Ford said he tries to stick with what he loves to play and not try to appease everyone else’s musical tastes. And he’s often found that his audience will appreciate the original music and it will spark interest or recognition. “I hope there is some kind of connection made,” he said. “Every once in a while it happens, and it’s great.”” - Lisa Wakeland, Forest Hills Journal (Jun 04, 2012)