From the recording The Songs from Room 414

John Ford - Guitar & Vocals

Recorded October 2012 in Room 414 of the Gunter Hotel, San Antonio, Texas


Listen to the whistle of the freight train blow
Bound for Chattanooga moving nice and slow
Everybody stops cuz everybody knows
Gotta come on in and say hello
Banjo in the corner by the window shade
Bees just a buzzin round the marmalade
Chickens in the Buick that we took in trade
Ah me and Southern Comfort

Cement mixer on the limestone hill
Gutters just a hangin now getting their fill
Sing one out loud for ole uncle Bill
If you don't sing it, you know he will
Workin' for a living make you old and grey
Jesus and the preacher make you kneel and pray
All that's left at the end of the day
Just me and Southern Comfort

Oowee baby I tell you no lie
Life is much better under a blue sky
Set a spell now, rest your feet
Now let's go get us something good to eat

Piece of pecan pie, sweet tea
Lazin' in the sun up by the willow tree
There's a good spot there where I want to be
Ole hound dog and me
Sack full of peaches and the day grows long
Cornbread, molasses and a gospel song
Whose gonna get you all to sing along
Just me and Southern Comfort
Mmmm me and Southern Comfort baby