From the recording The John Ford Blues Society


Well now baby, gonna quit my job
Start selling bibles and move out to L.A.
Think I'd be a better man for it
If I could just make my life simple that way

Or I'll could buy a suit, join the Republican party
Start selling investment plans & life insurance to all my friends
Then I'll be hangin' with the bankers and lawyers
Start saving up for that Mercedes Benz

Start throwin' again, try out for the Yankees
Show em the curve you know everything I got
We're talking corporate endorsements and commercials
talk shows and speech circuit and what not

Oh you know I'm a dreamer, yes I'm a dreamer, baby
You know I've got big plans don't you see
Call you mama, call your sister, call your daddy
And tell them your so glad you married me

Well I'm just foolin, I'm just foolin, baby
April Fool on you
You know you can't take me that seriously now
You know how I like to do
Don't get mad don't get angry
But you shoulda, you shoulda just seen your face
It took all I could do not to bust out laughing
And fall all over the place